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German-language television in North America has gone down a very bumpy road — and has even driven off a few cliffs. Efforts to bring German television to viewers in the U.S. and Canada have been plagued by bad programming, bad decisions, poor planning, poor marketing, and several bankruptcies.

NEXTV NEXTV’s old website page for its German TV Package.

The dawn of direct-broadcast satellite TV was supposed to bring in a new era of foreign-language TV to the U.S. and Canada, but it hasn't worked out very well for German so far. ChannelD and German TV are now history. While the DISH Network satellite service still provides a German package with four channels (DW-TV, EuroNews, ProSieben, GKP), many viewers complain about too much repetition, old versions of series, ancient films, and a general lack of selection.

Spanish, Italian, French, Asian languages, and others seem to be easier to find on cable or satellite TV than German. IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) was seen by some as a solution to the problem, but IPTV service providers like OverseasTV also went bust. However, as more and more U.S. households get high-speed internet access via DSL and cable, in 2008 NEXTV stepped up to provide German and other foreign-language IPTV that can be viewed on a normal TV set, a computer or a mobile device. Learn more on the next page.

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