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  1. Bayer raises outlook on strong results
  2. Merkel reportedly to back Draghi as ECB chief
  3. Petrol price hits new high
  4. Al-Qaida suspects seized with explosives
  5. Mother of Frankfurt club victim seeks justice
  6. Germany opens ice hockey world championship by beating Russia
  7. Lobster protection law could force better crustacean conditions
  8. Warm and dry April to end with storms as farmers hope for rain
  9. Food campaigners question Milch-Schnitte advert claims
  10. Hutu leaders on trial for organising Congo atrocities from Germany
  11. Schlecker caught with 'to fire' list of problematic staff
  12. Protests at NPD marches against new EU workers
  13. Topless sunbathing goes out of style
  14. Woman puts attacking deer in sweaty headlock
  15. Bavarians revel in maypole intrigue
  16. Beheading al-Qaida: Is Germany safer?
  17. Pub smoking still widespread despite ban
  18. German media roundup: The death of bin Laden
  19. US sues Deutsche Bank for mortgage fraud
  20. Mosel Valley bridge to be built in wine country
  21. The Local's English-language movie listings for Germany
  22. Allianz Q1 profit hit by Japan disaster
  23. Matthäus' foul-mouthed 'Loddar-speak' becomes web hit
  24. Charges filed in Berlin metro beating case
  25. State won't let welfare recipients bet on sport
  26. MP says Portugal should sell its gold to save itself
  27. Controversial naval training ship sails into port as question linger
  28. Merkel fed up with energy firms over nuclear phaseout
  29. University: Guttenberg wilfully plagiarised
  30. Escape by murderer-rapist sparks manhunt
  31. Greens to limit autobahn speed and replace car tax with road toll
  32. Tacheles demonstrations to continue at least once a week
  33. 'Playboy' Gunter Sachs kills himself at 78
  34. Dortmund star Sahin poached by Real Madrid
  35. Immigration surge halts population exodus
  36. Germany's civilized killjoys
  37. Terror cell member jailed
  38. Germany's civilized killjoys
  39. Rösler takes Economics Ministry in reshuffle
  40. Seven including baby die in autobahn smashes
  41. Caterpillar-busters spray Rhineland trees to head off health threat
  42. Mothers and over-55s called back to work
  43. One in three cash machines replaced after 'skimming' attacks
  44. Friedrich defends EU border control changes
  45. Bavaria won't extradite Nazi hitman
  46. German ice hockey hopes melt in face of red-hot Swedes
  47. Koch-Mehrin resigns due to plagiarism row
  48. Ballack left out of squad - again
  49. Lena fatigue dampens interest in Eurovision
  50. Economy firing on all cylinders in first quarter
  51. New film makes Paul the Octopus a celluloid cephalopod
  52. Hamburg-based Iranian bank to be blacklisted
  53. Two decades later, teen's murder solved by DNA
  54. Berlin calls on Greece to restructure debt
  55. The Local's live Eurovision commentary
  56. Eurovision counts down
  57. Injuries and arrests as neo-Nazi march stopped in Berlin
  58. Azerbaijan scoops Eurovision first place
  59. Government to pump billions into electric cars
  60. Germany curbs terrorist intel flow to US
  61. Fire breaks out on high-speed ICE train
  62. Swedish queen probes her father's Nazi past
  63. Children hurt in Slovenian bus accident
  64. Painting with a broad (toilet) brush
  65. Man's body eaten by pet dogs
  66. FDP calls for basic children's income
  67. Plane crashes pose threat to nuclear plants
  68. Bayern Munich dominate Bundesliga... for vegetarians
  69. Protest leaves soldiers hurt, Afghans dead
  70. Merkel tells southern Europeans to work longer
  71. The Local's English-language movie listings for Germany
  72. Tognum accepts takeover offer from Daimler and Rolls-Royce
  73. De Maizière says Germany must pull its weight abroad militarily
  74. Woman shot dead after knifing police officer
  75. Group to return items from Nazi camp victims
  76. Taxi driver killer confesses 15 years later
  77. Women more likely to manage small companies
  78. German soldiers admit to shooting Afghans
  79. VW slashes US car prices to gain market share
  80. Security gaffe at Frankfurt airport
  81. SPD calls for more education spending
  82. German petrol prices too high, says cartel authority
  83. Budapest sales rep sex party cost EUR 83,000
  84. CDU sinks behind Greens in Bremen state election
  85. Police probe fire cutting Berlin trains and phones
  86. Microsoft starts filming for 'Streetside' online map service
  87. Greens' rise muddies political landscape
  88. Germany fails to find credible IMF candidate
  89. 'We shouldn't panic. We can actively do something to fight this'
  90. Deadly E. coli outbreak claims first victims
  91. Merkel's coalition conundrum
  92. 'We shouldn't panic. We can actively do something to fight this'
  93. E.coli deaths continue as ministers warn of threat
  94. Euro crisis, inflation sap consumer confidence
  95. Violent weather expected amid climate change
  96. Counterfeit euros flood Germany
  97. Big petrol firms inflating prices, watchdog says
  98. Police arrest 11 in people-smuggling ring
  99. Greece approaches Telekom on OTE sale
  100. Nazi plan to teach dogs to talk uncovered
  101. Farmers set to sue over E. coli warning
  102. Afghan police chief and German soliders killed
  103. Herpes virus kills elephants in Berlin Zoo
  104. Afghan police chief and German soldiers killed
  105. Herpes virus kills elephants in Berlin Zoo
  106. Zwanziger Demands Reforms at Scandal-Ridden FIFA
  107. Deadly E. coli source still unclear
  108. Germany to quit nuclear power by 2022
  109. Crisis team meets as E. Coli death toll hits 13
  110. 'This nuclear phaseout is not a revolution starting after Fukushima'
  111. Utility EON to sue over fuel rod tax
  112. US chopper flights whip Bavarians into fury
  113. German faces stiff competition for US language students
  114. Alarm spreads as E. coli cases rise sharply
  115. Germany home to growing 'super rich' class
  116. Merkel calls on ASEAN to pressure Myanmar
  117. E. coli fear grips Hamburg hospitals
  118. Former church leader criticizes German arms industry
  119. WHO says deadly E. coli is new strain
  120. Cash problems force Sobibor death camp museum to close
  121. Merkel defends E. coli reaction to Zapatero
  122. 'Different disease-causing E. coli bacteria have created a new type'
  123. Drinks wagon fight led to fatal Rostock beating
  124. Germany sneak past Austria in Euro qualifier
  125. Austrian police arrest 213 rowdy Germany fans ahead of game
  126. Search for E. coli clues leads to Lübeck eatery
  127. Germans work less than southern Europeans, study says
  128. Merkel's nuclear stance ruffles conservative feathers
  129. Bean sprouts now suspected in E. coli crisis
  130. Former Germany coach Vogts attacked in Baku
  131. Bundeswehr slammed for children's 'Mitrovica' war games camp
  132. Daimler, Rolls-Royce take over Tognum
  133. Music site Simfy lodges competition complaint against Apple over iCloud
  134. Merkel's VIP treatment in DC
  135. Oktoberfest beer prices to crack EUR 9-mark
  136. Coalition MPs back Gazprom stake in EON
  137. Industrial orders rebound
  138. Bumbling E. coli investigation embarrasses German officials
  139. Schäuble pushes for Greek debt restructuring
  140. E. coli panic hits Lübeck hard
  141. Eminem sues Audi for plagiarizing song for ad
  142. Ex-President Köhler settles score over shock resignation
  143. Microsoft offers opt-out for 'Streetside' online map service
  144. What's on in Germany: June 9 - 15
  145. Family accused of enslaving woman
  146. Berlin open to Libyan peacekeeping role
  147. RWE boss warns of industrial decline from nuclear phaseout
  148. Bean sprouts blamed for E. coli outbreak
  149. Stuttgart 21 rail project construction to restart
  150. Playboy shoot reveals feminine side of German football squad
  151. Farm behind E. coli not likely to face prosecution
  152. Small explosion hits IKEA store in Dresden
  153. Schumacher hints at prolonging F1 return
  154. Employees unsettled by Opel sell-off rumours
  155. Löw to experiment with squad before Euro 2012
  156. Porsche will continue to be "Made in Germany"
  157. Bavarians mourn mysterious death of their Swan King
  158. Germans want more direct democracy
  159. Bavarians mourn mysterious death of their Swan King
  160. Nuclear fuel transports prompt fury in Rostock
  161. Police union says Facebook party posters should have to pay up
  162. Police union says Facebook party posters should have to pay up
  163. Westerwelle attacks plan for Danish border checks
  164. Bust TelDaFax to keep power flowing as customers fret
  165. FDP's Koch-Mehrin stripped of her doctorate
  166. The unhealthy cult of ageing
  167. Lady Gaga computer hackers convicted
  168. Ban upheld on anti-abortion activists approaching pregnancy centre visitors
  169. Merkel to meet Sarkozy on Greek crisis
  170. Family man admits five murders in stunning 'cold case' revelation
  171. 'Milch-Schnitte' snack gets award for deceptive advertising
  172. Koch-Mehrin keeps European Parliament seat despite plagiarism
  173. Opposition ridicules Merkel's bailout deal
  174. Germans want Wulff to show sharper teeth
  175. Energy firms plan legal attack on nuke phaseout
  176. Terror suspect extradited from Austria
  177. Dog bites sausage-seller after vegan assault
  178. Boy and dad unhurt after finding pipe bombs
  179. Mercedes to build greener Popemobile
  180. Last Red Army Faction prisoner freed
  181. Banks demand incentives to back Greek bailout
  182. Wandering around Saxony's answer to Switzerland
  183. US files charges in airport shooting
  184. Merkel disappoints elites, but not average Germans
  185. Storm front expected to sweep across the nation
  186. Ai Weiwei's release must be first step says Merkel
  187. Hamburg metro braces for boozy Facebook party
  188. Industry frets about nuclear energy phaseout
  189. Greens still split on nuke exit plan ahead of vote
  190. Police search Aachen clinic after hostage threat
  191. Women's football confronts gay taboos
  192. Police give all clear at Aachen clinic after hostage and bomb threat
  193. Drugs plot raid reveals old woman feeding rabbits with cannabis
  194. Greens unite behind government nuke plan
  195. Duisberg dedicates Love Parade memorial
  196. Germany to press China on human rights and artist Ai Weiwei
  197. China a challenge to German economy, Rösler says
  198. Tax cuts only to help FDP, Steinmeier says
  199. Brussels forces VW to delay MAN plans
  200. Dresden police chief steps down over phone sweep scandal
  201. Berlin treads China human rights tightrope
  202. Chance of tax cuts dims as squabble goes on
  203. Killer bacteria helps contain inflation
  204. Revenge attacks spark fear of extremist violence
  205. Former Merkel advisor's tax plan unfair, CSU says
  206. North Korean players struck by lightning, coach claims
  207. Anti-terror laws extended for four years
  208. Policewoman jailed for killing her baby
  209. Cannabis plants found in Greens party flower boxes
  210. Website ranks the sexiest Bundestag MPs
  211. Libyan rebels respect German military inaction
  212. Unemployment rate dips below seven percent
  213. Former Bundesbank boss Weber to lead UBS
  214. Leftist crimes spike
  215. ThyssenKrupp ship joint venture runs aground
  216. Justice minister demands EU probe Danish border controls
  217. Coalition backs Guttenberg over Kunduz
  218. Euro bailouts push up German debt
  219. SPD leader won't rule out early elections
  220. England and Japan through to World Cup quarter-finals
  221. Thousands march in world's longest parade
  222. Berlin hosts global climate change summit
  223. Thousands march in world's longest parade
  224. Berlin woman dies at Roskilde Festival
  225. UK intel: Berlin and Paris wanted to exploit Blair-Brown feud
  226. UK intel: Berlin and Paris wanted to exploit Blair-Brown feud
  227. Bundeswehr begins new era as conscription ends
  228. Lonely Star State: Texan Germans dwindling
  229. Top court hears challenge to EU bailouts
  230. Egyptian seeds firm up as E.coli suspect
  231. Energy companies put UK nuke investments on hold
  232. Exec at children's TV station Kika jailed for embezzling millions
  233. Schäuble wants to 'break' ratings agencies' power
  234. Duisburg mayor apologises to victims of Love Parade tragedy a year later
  235. Munich bid for 2018 Winter Olympics fails
  236. Victim asks for Germany to help save racist killer
  237. NYSE Euronext shareholders approve Deutsche Börse merger
  238. Gene tests for IVF embryos legalised
  239. Mother's milk: A secret weapon for everything
  240. Prosecutors drop demand for Demjanjuk to return to jail
  241. Hackers steal police data from customs servers
  242. Germany face soccer showdown with Japan
  243. Pensioner saves 7-year-old girl from stranger
  244. Merkel to stand for chancellor in 2013
  245. Merkel to visit Africa for economic development talks
  246. Man confesses in Mary Jane murder, police say
  247. German prize for Putin stirs controversy
  248. Guttenberg's father likens plagiarism scandal to 'tsunami'
  249. BND intelligence agency loses HQ blueprints
  250. Dangerous stowaway spider likely dead