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29th August 2010, 14:51
Hi! I'm new here, but am also a member of the old German Forum and Deutsches Forum on About.com.
I always like to study German. It's a lifelong thing. :-)
I'm an advanced student.
I grew up in the US and in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. As a teenager, I also studied and lived in Austria and later as an adult, in Germany.
I've been back in the US for a long time now.....
I speak German very fluently and in Germany and Austria, I am normally taken for a native German, as I have a German accent in German. Except when I make a mistake. That doesn't usually happen, but it can happen. When it does happen, I'm learning all my life.....
I'm glad that I found this forum.
I registered under my old user name on About.com and Delphi - That's why I spell it with capital letters - the way it is there.
Yours sincerely,

29th August 2010, 16:05
Hallo Marti!

Herzlich Willkommen im Forum! Hoffentlich wirst du dich oft an den Diskussionen beteiligen.

Es freut uns, dass du dieses Forum gefunden hast.


29th August 2010, 22:41
Hi Marti! Willkommen im Forum!

New members are moderated (approval required for new posts) in this forum, but you are now unmoderated, so your posts will appear right away. Feel free to look around and post where appropriate! (You don't need all caps in your ID here, but it doesn't matter.)

PS - My old About.com site is different from this one (AboutGerman.net). There is finally a new guide there, but my old content is still there. This is the new address for the old Delphi forum that is now shut down.

29th August 2010, 22:52
Hi Hyde,
It's great to see you here! Thanks for the info.
I'm still a little confused because before I found this forum (yesterday), I went to the old Delphi German forums and they were still up and running with current posts.
But I know now that this forum has a new address: It's not on About.com, but on About.net.
I'm glad that I found it. :)
I had registered my user name "MOZART" - all caps - because that's the way it was at the old forums at Delphi and About.com.
I'm going to log off and then try to log in using just "Mozart", and see if it lets me do that.
Bis spaeter,

29th August 2010, 22:57
P.S. I hope that I'm pressing the correct button in replying.
Earlier tonight, I pressed "reply", and then my post was erased completely and the page showed an empty space to write on.
So this time, I pressed "quick reply".
I hope that is the correct way to reply.....
P.P.S. I logged out and logged in again, spelling my user name "Mozart" this time, but it didn't work. I'm logged in as "MOZART", and that's okay. :)
Liebe Gruesse,