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8th September 2010, 20:19
I am a student from the USA. Locally, there are only two high schools that offer German language courses. Unfortunately, I do not attend one of those high schools. So, currently, I am self-studying German. I hope to be fluent in the language. I don't really have a certain date I want to achieve this goal by, but I know my German studies will take time, because I don't have a set time to study German everyday and don't have an in-person teacher to help me through this process.

Other than that, I hope to improve my English skills, despite going to school in the U.S. and being already fluent in English. I also hope to become fluent in French, a second language that I studied in school for the last 3 years. Also, I want to interact more with Vietnamese culture. Due to Vietnamese, I realized not only do you need to know the language fluently, but also the culture well, in order, to understand a country and its people.

9th September 2010, 00:25

We will be glad to help you learn German. If you have not already begun any organized course, you can take a look at the courses listed here. (http://www.aboutgerman.net/AGNforums/content.php?152-Recommended-German-Courses-for-Forum-Members) The Deutsche Welle is a very good site. There are several courses you can choose from. Here in this forum you can ask questions, try the exercises and even have a tutor. If you'd like a tutor, you should post a message in the 'Tutoring - Beginners' folder using your name as the title of your thread. You can always move to the advanced tutoring thread when you reach that point.

Let us know how you'd like to study and we can work with you.