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4th October 2010, 17:48
I'm not going to try to write any of this in German. I am originally from Germany and moved to the US when I was about 8 years old. I spoke very little English at the time and now I speak very little German. I was born in 1944 and we emigrated to the US in 1952. My mother had married an American army officer and we spoke English in the household after leaving Germany. Also, I am originally from Ludwigsburg and we spoke Schwabish. I am now relearning my German and am pleasantly surprised at how much I remember and can understand. My biggest problem is the grammar and word recall when I'm initiating the conversation.

I'm using a Pimsleur program daily and thought joining this forum would help a lot.


4th October 2010, 18:51
Hallo Ingrid!

Willkommen im Forum! You have found a good place to practice your German. There are a lot of native speakers here who will be glad to help you relearn your German. Hopefully, you will remember more and more as you go along. :)


5th October 2010, 18:59
Danke, Heide. Hopefully, as time goes on I'll begin to feel comfortable posting in German. I know how to say that, but I'd spell it like a second grader. :)

9th October 2010, 20:12
Hallo Ingrid!

Welcome, would you like to receive a birthday greeting on your special day? Perhaps you could show the date in your profile, then it would be listed in the calendar.

Alles Gute:)


29th January 2011, 08:46
I got sidetracked for a while, but I'm back. I have been working on my German, however, using some language programs. Hope to eventually feel comfortable enought to start posting in German.

29th January 2011, 10:19
Willkommen zurück!