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10th October 2010, 19:29
Hello! I recently started teaching myself German, and would love to keep up with it by participating here. I'm a funeral student from Tennessee, and want to learn German mostly because many of my favorite bands are German ( Die Ärzte, Wir Sind Helden, Subway to Sally, ect), and because I love how the language sounds.

So...hi! :)

10th October 2010, 21:59
Welcome to our forum! You will find plenty of options to learn German here. There are exercises, personal tutoring and of course the option to actually use the language in written discussions. German music is being discussed every now and then, and it is in fact a frequent reason why people begin to learn the language. :)

For your personal questions about German you can open a thread in your name in the beginners' tutoring folder, where you could write a bit about yourself in German and get corrections from advanced students or native speakers. Generally, if you want your German corrected, write KW underneath your posts. That's for "Korrekturen willkommen", corrections welcome, so you don't always have to ask explicitly.

15th November 2010, 09:01
Hallo! :)

Ich mag Wir Sind Helden auch!! Super! Was ist dein Lieblingslied von diesem Band?

18th November 2010, 12:44
Hallo! :)

Ich mag Wir Sind Helden auch!! Super! Was ist dein Lieblingslied von diesem Band?

Hallo crookshanks7! Also, an dieser Stelle muss ich leider gestehen, dass ich noch nie ein Lied von "Wir Sind Helden" gehört habe (Superhelden sind sowieso nichts für mich, ich verstehe mich überhaupt nicht mit denen, die ihre Unterhose über ihrer Hose tragen ;)), allerdings möchte ich trotzdem die Gelegenheit nutzen und dich hier im Forum willkommen heißen!

Schön, dass du dabei bist :D Poste weiter! ;)