View Full Version : I would love to learn German. I'm an absolute beginner - where do I start please?

6th December 2010, 13:12

Ich heiße Danny and I'd love to learn German - I just love the sound of the language, apart from anything else. Am I out of order even posting in English on this forum?
Apologies if so. Anyone direct me to how I might productively engage with this forum



6th December 2010, 14:29
Hallo Danny!

Herzlich Willkommen im Forum! You've found a good place to learn German. It's perfectly ok for you to write here in English, at least until you learn a little more German. Then you can start writing in German. :) I would suggest that you first take a look at a few of the on-line lessons to get the idea of how this language works. This article (http://www.aboutgerman.net/AGNforums/content.php?152-Recommended-German-Courses-for-Forum-Members) will give you a few places to look*. As you go along, you can ask questions here, post any exercises or just write some of your own sentences or phrases using words and grammar you come across in the lessons. Of course, if you already have a book, you can just use that and start at the beginning by posting your work here. You might like to open a thread in the Beginning Tutoring thread under your name for that. Someone will then work with you, answering your questions, correcting your mistakes and explaining the grammar, etc. You'll be surprised how soon you can start writing on your own. If you have any questions right now, just ask.

*If you cannot access that page, you will have to sign out and try again. There is a bug in this forum which has not yet been fixed and some people have a problem getting to the 'Home Page'

Viel Spaß beim Deutschlernen! (Have fun learning German!)

20th December 2010, 03:12
Hallo!! I am also kinda new at learning German although I did learn some in school. Good luck!!! It is a beautiful language and Austria and Germany are (in my opinion) among the most beautiful places on Earth (although I've not been yet) aha.