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12th December 2010, 14:01
Good Evening all ,i am deeply embarassed to say i lived in Germany for 6 years and did not learn much German . I believe it is a fantastic country and have wanted to learn the language for some time . All help would be appreciated , many thanks in anticipation , Paul

12th December 2010, 16:42
Hallo Paul!

Herzlich Willkommen im Forum! You can now learn the German here you didn't learn before. :) You can have a tutor in either of our tutoring folders, try the exercises, take part in any discussions which interest you and ask questions at any time. Try writing as much as you can in German, and if you want corrections, add 'kw' (for Korrekturen Willkommen) at the end of your message.

Viel Spaß beim Deutschlernen!