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16th February 2011, 01:49
Hey there,

Just wanted to say hi and to tell you all why I'm here :) Basically, I thought it would be a nice idea to help people who want to learn German by answering questions, but of course I am here to improve my English as well!

My name is Dominik, I'm 24 and I live in Lower-Saxony (Niedersachsen), Germany! At the moment I'm studying American and British studies at Bielefeld University and I just love to speak English :)

In my free time I love to make learning German videos for Youtube, you could say it is one of my greatest hobbys. I don't really know if I'm allowed to post any of my video links here, so I will wait until I do know and perhaps open up a new thread then :)

If you have any questions feel free to ask!


16th February 2011, 03:05
Hallo Dominik!

Herzlich willkommen im Forum! Since you want to improve your already excellent English, I'll write this in English. :) We will be glad to have you answer questions and make corrections to our German. Your learning German videos should be quite helpful, especially since we don't have access here in the forum to spoken German. I think it would be quite alright to post some links in a separate thread. I'm looking forward to viewing them. :)

Gruß aus den USA

16th February 2011, 11:03
Hi Dominik!

I too am writing this message to you in English - naturally this is IN NO WAY because I am too lazy and rubbish to actually write in German (perish the thought!), but purely because I am a stunningly considerate and accommodating person. Really. Cough cough. Er, anyway: welcome to the forum! It's great to be tortured by the presence of yet another German native speaker whose English is better than mine, really it is! ;) Only joking (sort of) - welcome!

Through the power of my ~*super Google skillz*~ I've been checking out some of your Youtube videos and they're brilliant! I mean, obviously I'm impressed by how good your English is and at your selfless dedication to teaching other people German, etc etc etc, but let's be honest here, what's REALLY impressive is your almost SUPERHUMAN ability to film yourself while riding a bike without falling off and dying! Frankly, I end up doing that even when I'm riding a bike WITHOUT a camera (well, not the dying bit obviously, I save that more for special occasions), but that's beside the point. Hut ab!

Er, where was I? Right - your videos are great and I will definitely work my way through them! Oh, and welcome to the forum! (I think I already mentioned that bit, but you can never be too safe) :D


16th February 2011, 14:57
Hi Dominik. Willkommen im Forum! See my comments about your videos in the video thread (in General Discussion).