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17th July 2010, 14:34
My name is hannah, I am 17 years old (will be 18 in a few months) I got a scholorship to go to germany for a year with YFU(Youth for Understanding) and I will embark on this journey in about 4 days( so I may not post for a week or so) I was really excited to find this site, because I think it might help me while I am at my language camp. I really want to absorb the German culture this year and make it a lasting experince so my Main goal is to truly learn the language, this is also important as I will be going to a german High School this year and will need to do the school work....I am very excited and hope to share my growth with the people on this site!!! I am also excited because my language camp is in Barvaria and my perment Host family is in Delmenhorst, anyway I look forward to all the help I can find here and hope to lear lots!!!:D

17th July 2010, 22:57
Hi Hannah! Welcome to the forum! You can get lots of help here, but you probably should also find a basic German course online to get you started.

Bavaria is a nice part of Germany, although you won't always hear Hochdeutsch (standard German) there. :) Have a great trip!