View Full Version : changed my username

17th June 2011, 12:59
Suppose it's not forbidden. Yesterday I registered by my facebook ID and this thing shows everything to everybody.

What if my employer finds me here, while I complain gravely about tough project dead lines? Or my wife discovers that my work has ended, but I'm still here... I should prevent the very possibility of such fiasco.

So I changed my identity. I'm sorry for altering the moderation and the order :)

So , please, skip introducing me the forum, I already know everything important about it :)

Great place, I like it very much.

So much material, not only about language...Just good reading.

And... Introduction part...

I'm a computer guy, living in Israel, my mother tongue is Russian.

Oh...Could I stop already reveal my secrets or not !!! :)... Such a shame...


17th June 2011, 22:16
You should set your Facebook settings to something more strict. :)