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27th June 2011, 09:05
Hallo Leute,

Könnten sie bitte mir eine Personalagentur empfehlen?
Ich möchte in Deutschland wohnen und arbeiten.

Actually I will write this in English. I am Andrei, 30 years old, I have years of strong experience with Customer Support for a software Company (used to help clients from all over Europe but also USA and Australia with general Windows issues), I have also worked as a software developer using Microsoft technologies Asp.NET with C-sharp, and also I have good experience with Sql Server ( which I have used for about 2 years, and gained good experience in debugging complex stored procedures, used cursors extensively, and other SQL tricks).

If anyone has knowledge of a good Recruitment Agency, please be so kind as to guide me to it. I can pay them it's no problem, as long as it's a good Agency.
I am proficient in English and also preparing myself for the B2 german exam at Goethe Institut, which I estimate I will take at the end of this year. I started to learn german for an year but I am learning very hard, all I do every day is exercise my german for at least 6 hours, usually 8.

It can be any job it does not matter. I am willling to work weekends, nights, whatever is required, as long as it's on german soil. I love the german culture and way of life and I want to be a part of it, and I'm willing to do all it takes to achieve this.

Thank you for your attention and I apologyze if this is not a proper thread for this section.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,