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26th July 2010, 03:12
Hi everyone. I am from Australia and have been teaching myself German on and off for the past two years with books, podcasts, music, and movies. I am yet to take proper classes, but in the mean time would like to practice my German with speakers on the internet.

I hope to become a regular member here.

26th July 2010, 03:30
Hallo Wixtofa!

Willkommen im Forum!
This is a good place for you to practice your German. You can ask any questions at any time and take part in any discussions. If you write in German and would like to have your German corrected, write 'kw' (for Korrekturen Willkommen) at the end of your message. If you'd like to have a tutor, you can request one in the Tutoring folder. In that folder, a student works one-on-one with a native speaker in any way which best suits the 'student'. There are also exercises you can try.
There are many people here who will be glad to help you with your German.

Viel Spaß beim Deutschlernen!