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8th August 2011, 13:29
Bloody hell, this is getting ridiculous now.

One of my best friends has had to flee her flat in Stratford because the whole place is getting ripped to pieces, half of London's on fire (including Gregg's in West Croydon, apparently, does anyone happen to remember that teensy little thing that happened the LAST time a bakery burnt down in London (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Fire_of_London)?), and David Cameron's off sunning himself somewhere nice! It's all getting a bit scary. And why did the police just stand back and LET this happen when it was still contained to one town?!

If anyone happens to be reading this on an brand spanking new 42 inch HD screen courtesy of PC World Tottenham at the moment, I think you're... well, I won't say what I think, because there might be children reading (IF THEY AREN'T OUT LOOTING), but you can probably guess what I think. Ugh. For God's sake.

(Sorry, musste halt ein bisschen Dampf ablassen...)

8th August 2011, 14:39
So what are the riots all about? I read some news items about it, but nothing seems to explain the 'why' of what is going on.


9th August 2011, 11:18
Pfui. Peoples sometimes are stupid idiots...
I don't understand - is it sooo fun?! I've never did something like this, and hoping, I'll never do this.

9th August 2011, 13:18
So what are the riots all about? I read some news items about it, but nothing seems to explain the 'why' of what is going on.
Ha. Well, essentially: a gangster got shot and killed by police in Tottenham last Thursday, and then, in a completely unrelated incident (no, seriously. Whatever anyone may claim, this is NOTHING to do with that, at least not any more), a load of disgusting people decided that WHAT WOULD BE REALLY FUN would be to smash their way into as many shops in London and the surrounding areas (and, er, Birmingham) as possible, nick as many goods as they could get their hands on, set light to any shops they didn't really fancy relieving of their products, smash people's cars to smithereens, and, just for good measure, burn down blocks of flats with people still in them. Yeah. Nice one. This isn't a political uprising, this is people wanting a new stereo system. On the day after the first night of looting in Tottenham, before it had spread everywhere else, some reporter was quoted as saying that no one really looked particularly angry - oddly enough, they seemed to be quite enjoying themselves. There have been parents dropping off their young kids outside smashed open clothes shops and telling them to run in and bring out whatever they can carry. It makes me feel physically sick.

The second picture on this page (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14461868) (Reeves furniture store) is only a couple of miles from me. In the town where I went to school, half the shops have been smashed up. All the shops and pubs where I live have been boarded up since this afternoon. People's entire livelihoods are being destroyed just because a load of stupid little jumped-up ****s think that mindless vandalism is reaaaaally cool. I am so, SO angry about this.

10th August 2011, 01:51
I truly believe that the person is smart, but the people are stupid. All I've heard about it is that it's happening, but with no real why explained aside from a cop shooting someone, of which I still haven't heard much about. But yeah, this is nuts. At what point do you stop fighting for what you believe in (whatever that was) and decide that life would be better with a free tv or sound system? Bloody mob mentality.

10th August 2011, 13:57
At what point do you stop fighting for what you believe in (whatever that was) and decide that life would be better with a free tv or sound system? Bloody mob mentality.
In this case? Right from the very beginning. SOME of the first rioters in Tottenham MAY have been doing so as a vague reaction to Mark Duggan getting shot, but in every other town after that? Not a chance. Most of them probably don't even have a clue who he was (or indeed, ironically, how to spell "HD TV"). A load of hooligans just switched on their TVs and saw that people in Tottenham were effectively being given a free licence to steal as much as they wanted without the slightest whiff of police or ANYONE stopping them (evidently the general consensus was "Oh, just let them get on with it, no point in upsetting anyone, I'M SURE IT WILL ALL BLOW OVER SOON"), and thought, "HEY THAT LOOKS LIKE FUN, LET'S DO THAT." Easier than actually working to buy stuff, innit.

12th August 2011, 01:21
It has been in the German news, too.. I'm very worried about my boyfriend, who lives in Croydon :(

I don't understand why they burn houses of innocent people just because a policeman shot a gangster. Did you know that those idiots set Jamie Oliver's restaurant on fire? This shows that the rioters are nothing more than criminals. Always they complain about not having a job and being poor and then they burn the restaurant of a man who helped socially disadvantaged people and trained them to work in the hospitality industry. In my opinion not only the rioters have to be punished, but also their parents who allow their 11-year old sons to get out at night where thousands of gangsters plunder shops!

Mark Duggan was shot, because he was a cocaine dealer (who ruled with violence and fear) and he carried a gun. Perhaps he didn't shoot first, but do the policemen have to be killed before they are allowed to defend themselves? Mark Duggan's death was not a great loss, because under the influence of their father his children would have become drug dealers, too.

I really hope that the riots will stop soon and that many rioters will be imprisoned for a long time.. because I'm in London in four weeks ._.

Liebe Gre,