View Full Version : Hallo from South Carolina!

3rd September 2011, 23:40
Hello! My name is Lisa and I am from central South Carolina. Although not German by birth, my lineage is mostly German. Germany and things German have played an enormous role in my life so it is natural for me to want to pursue a visit and to learn the language and culture. I am thrilled that I was pointed to this site and look forward to being able to learn more about the land from which my family emigrated.

4th September 2011, 12:25
Hallo Lisa! Herzlich Willkommen hier im Forum! :D

Have you started learning German yet? If not, then I'm sure we'll be able to hold your hand throughout your first tentative teetering teutonic toilings... and if so, then you'll probably be able to teach me something! :D Either way, I'm sure you'll learn a lot here! It might even be fun! (But don't go telling everyone, there might be a stampede).

(Incidentally: if I remember correctly, a certain Mike Lively Jr. of this very forum also hails from South Carolina! If you shouted loudly enough (in German, naturally), you'd probably be able to hear each other!)