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13th September 2011, 02:52
My name is Jason and i am from the good ole USA. I recently purchased the Tell me more software for German and started learning on that. I am still pretty new to this, but i hope to make some progress, and some new friends on this forum. Thanks in advance!

14th September 2011, 02:23
Hello Jason from the USA! I'm Kat from the UK! :D

Welcome to the best forum in the entire Internet! (No, honestly. We have certificates to prove it and everything. Really. Cough.)

I'm fairly sure I tried out the Tell Me More software once during an ill-fated attempt at learning Italian... but don't let the fact that I literally cannot speak any Italian put you off it, this is probably more due to the fact that I only used it for approximately 3 seconds and then got distracted and forgot I wanted to learn Italian for about 4 years than because of any actual shortcomings of the software itself! ;)

I'm sure you'll be able to complement what you're learning very well with the exercises and help offered here in the forum. Na, dann bleibt mir nichts mehr übrig, als dir viel Erfolg beim Lernen zu wünschen. Und natürlich auch viel Spaß! :D