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18th September 2011, 23:15

I am a software developer for several years. I never practised German, but it was my wish from long time ago. Today I am learning by reading online news from Germany and using vocabulary. Perhaps I will find a teacher in the future.

My problems on German language are that I can't translate some words, even with vocabulary. So I hope for a good cooperation ))

Greetings, Frenky

19th September 2011, 02:38
Hi Frenky! :)

Welcome to the forum! It's great that you've decided to learn German and EVEN GREATER that you've found your way to this forum, because we will definitely be able to help you! (This might sound a bit arrogant, but when I say "we", I don't actually mean myself, I mean the other members of this forum who are actually helpful ;)). Reading news sites and translating the articles is definitely one way of improving your German, but have you actually learnt the basics yet? If not, it's definitely worth following an online (or offline!) course to give yourself a solid foundation in German grammar. I seem to be linking this all over the place at the moment, but the owner of this forum has written an excellent list of free online German courses, which you can find here (http://www.aboutgerman.net/AGNforums/content.php?152-Recommended-German-Courses-for-Forum-Members). I would definitely recommend trying one (or all: go wild!) of them out. :)

Ich wünsche dir viel Spaß beim Deutschlernen :)

(Oh, and if you want us to correct any German posts you may make in the future, then be sure to write "KW" (which stands for "Korrekturen Willkommen") either at the end of all your posts or (if you're lazy like me ;)) in your signature, so we know that you want corrections).

20th September 2011, 11:57
Thanks for a link... yeah, perhaps I've really skipped some necessary steps.