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20th September 2011, 15:55
If you are new to our forum, we'd really like to hear from you here. Please tell us a little about yourself and your goals for learning German! Just click on "Post New Thread" (not "Reply"). Before you post anything, please note the following:

Moderated Posts: The first several messages posted by a user who has never posted before will be moderated. This means your post may not appear right away. A moderator must approve it before it shows up in the forum. Do NOT repeat your post! Allow time for it to be approved by a moderator. - In order to post a message or reply, you must be logged in.

KW: If you sign your forum post with "kw," people will know you are inviting corrections. The "kw" or "KW" stands for "Korrekturen willkommen" ("corrections welcome"). If you don't use a "kw," we will assume you don't want anyone to correct you (which is all right, too). Many members include "KW" in their signature in order to save time. (In German: Wenn du willst, dass jemand dein Deutsch verbessert, musst du "kw" unter der Nachricht schreiben. Das "kw" bedeutet "Korrekturen willkommen".)

Chat: As of 2013, we now have a chat function in the forum. Registered members who are logged in will see the chat windows in the bottom right corner. Members can chat any time there are other members logged in to the forum.

If you have other questions about the forum, see our FAQs (http://www.aboutgerman.net/AGNforums/faq.php?faq=vb3_board_faq).

If you have questions about German, please see the other appropriate sub-forums and post your question(s) there.

Willkommen im Forum! Welcome to the forum!

Your Learn German Forum Team