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12th October 2011, 13:13
Hallo everyone!

I am an American living in Mexico and i wish to learn German well. I spent nine months last year in Munich but was so busy with my own work i didnt really learn very much German but i know some but not formally just through friends and acquaintances. I think i have an ok pronunciation of German due to having been surrounded by the language but not really serious till now. The reason is i wish to move back to Germany permanently and i am planning on moving back to Munich by the end of next February so this gives me five months about to get as good as i can in this almost half a year. I plan on devoting virtually all my waking hours to the language one way or the other.

I have a very good friend in Munich whom i speak to every day on the phone twice for about half an hour. He speaks good but not perfect english and admits he does not much care to speak english and this is the top reason i wish to learn German so he and i can speak in German and not english as we are very close and i wish to speak his language so we understand each other best so this is primary reason i wish to learn and am so motivated.

I plan on doing this very good German course each day that is supposed to be the very best and prize winning DIY learning course for German. I must admit this is not how i learn a language best but i am going to do it. Also i found this funny guy who does You Tube short lessons of vocabulary mostly and this is fun and makes it easier to rememeber the vocabulary as it is visual.

Then i plan on using flash cards as i learn well to memorize other languages' vocabulary well this way.

Then i plan of course on learning the grammar with the course i have. And my German friend will send me German films. I realize i wont undertand everything at first or even most in a movie but i do this anyway.

I have a recorder to practice my pronunciation.

I think a forum such as this will be good with other like minded people to help and have some company in learning.

I kept being told how hard German is when i was there and i didnt like hearing that all the time as it is not good at least for me to hear things are difficult that are pursuits of mine over and over and over again as this sort of brain washes me and i tried my best not to listen to this because just my opinion nothing is difficult if you set your mind to it so to hear such negativity is not good at least for me. I studied Chinese as an undergrad and a lot of people say that is a difficult language but i didnt think so and it wasnt for me.

I have studied Latin...i took 3 years of university Latin one summer at UC Berkely and yes it was a tough ten weeks but all of us in the class were like one and we lived ate and breathed and even dreamed LAtin all summer long and we all did well. Sure Latin is not the easiest language but then on the other hand no language in my opinion is any more difficult when you think that all children even not so bright children learn the languages they are raised with no matter how difficult the language is supposed to be and i think that is the attitude to take because if going into a language you already think it a chore then it is so so i try to stay positive and forget if ppl say a language is difficult or math or chemistry or anything for that matter.

Bottom line if you want to learn something bad enough you will and if you dont you wont no matter how easy or how difficult.


14th October 2011, 07:15
Hello fluugy!

Welcome to our most lovely of forums! :D

Well, it seems like you've got it all pretty well planned out, and you definitely seem driven (and also capable of writing posts even more epic in their scope than mine - respect!), so I have every reason to believe that you will be incredibly successful at learning German (I suspect you were almost definitely holding back the start of your studies until you got my blessing, so worry not! Here it is! Learn away!). German is not nearly as hard as people let on (they only pretend it is so they don't have to share), especially if you already know Latin, since the essential parts of the case systems are practically identical.

Good luck! Post lots here and do loads of the delightful exercises that Heide posts and and and, well, and just enjoy it, really! :D (Oh, and write "KW" ("Korrekturen Willkommen") at the end of your posts or in your signature if you want us to correct your German)