• Tutoring in the Forum

    About German tutoring in the forum:

    If you want to have a volunteer tutor help you with your German on a regular basis, you can request a tutor and get a special mini-forum set up just for your tutoring. Such tutoring is available both for beginners and more advanced learners.

    1. A tutoring thread is reserved for a student who works one-on-one with a tutor. If anyone other than the student or the tutor wishes to comment on something in a tutoring thread, he or she should post a message in the appropriate forum (grammar, vocabulary, general discussion, etc.) referring back to the tutoring message in question. No one other than the tutor and student should post any messages in the student's thread.
    2. The form each thread takes is determined by the student and tutor. Each student must decide how he/she learns best and that is the format the tutor will follow.
    3. Tutors in the Intermediate/Advanced Tutoring folder are all native German-speakers who are also fluent in English (or in the native language of the student). The fluency requirement is waived when the student is very advanced and can easily understand explanations written in German.
    4. Tutors in the Beginners Tutoring folder may be advanced students who can adequately explain grammar rules. It is understood that this arrangement is meant to be temporary and that when the student reaches a certain level of proficiency, to be determined by the tutor, he/she will be transferred to a native speaking tutor in the Intermediate Tutoring folder.

    For more about writing umlauts and the other German special characters, see Typing Umlauts in the Forum.