• Using Tags in the Forum

    See the sample tag list below.

    We encourage all forum members to add tags to their posts. What is a tag?

    A tag is a word or phrase that labels the topic or topics found in a forum thread or an article. Tags help other forum members find forum posts and articles about a certain topic. Tags for a forum thread are displayed in a box near the bottom of the thread page. Users can click on the tags to see other threads or articles on those topics.

    Why have tags?
    Tags are a useful way to search for forum threads and articles with similar subject matter and content. This complements the normal forum search system, which searches only for certain words or phrases and/or posts by specific users. Tags are particularly useful for posts that have grammar or vocabulary info, making it easy for others to find them. However, adding tags is a good idea for just about any forum thread or article. (See the tags for this article at the bottom of the full article.)

    Tags can be in German or English. They are always in all-lower-case. (If you use capital letters in a tag, they will be changed to lower case.) Some tags are "merged," meaning that several similar words or phrases are synonyms, and are considered the same tag. For instance, any one of these three tags will take you to a thread or article about "question words": fragewörter, interrogatives, question words. Clicking any one of them will take you the same topic.

    On the lower right side of the main forum page you will find the "Tag Cloud." The cloud shows you the tags that have been most used to date. The bigger a tag appears in the cloud, the more frequently it has been used. You can click on any tag, whether in the tag cloud or a thread, to find threads or articles on that topic. For instance, if you click on the tag phrase "accusative articles," you will see a list of all tagged forum posts and articles that are related to that topic. (There is another Tag Cloud on the advanced search page that shows you the tags that have been searched for the most.)

    Adding Tags
    Usually, tags are added to a post by the person who starts the thread. You can also add or change tags in your own forum posts by clicking on "Edit Tags" at the bottom of the edit box. Moderators are also able to add and edit tags. There is a limit to the number of characters in a tag (25) and the number of tags per thread (20), but few people will ever need more than that. Try to select accurate tags that fit your thread/post and aren't too general to be of much use.

    Auto-Completion: If you are adding a tag that already exists, it will auto-complete after the first few letters. You can accept the suggested tag(s) or not. See a list of existing tags below. (The tag list will of course change over time.)

    Forum Tag List

    accusative (accusative articles)
    beginning grammar
    birthday (birthdays, geburtstag)
    culture (kultur)
    definite articles
    easy exercise
    forum rules
    forum support
    forum tips
    fragewörter (interrogatives, question words)
    geburtstag (birthday, birthdays)
    image size
    indefinite articles
    kultur (culture)
    noun gender
    personal pronouns
    question words (fragewörter, interrogatives)
    syntax (word order)
    tags (tag usage)
    teste dein deutsch
    unread messages
    word of the day
    word order (syntax)
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