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    Re: Accusative forms

    Adjective endings for "mein" and other possessive articles follow the same pattern as the indefinite article, so for accusative plural, the ending would be "-en".

    Plural nouns only have an "-e"...

    Schuyler Yesterday, 19:51 Go to last post

    Re: "wie Gutes...geboten wurde"

    Thank you Wanderschnecke. My reading skills are still not good enough to search anything beyond, say, linguee.de, so when common words are used in uncommon ways, I feel totally lost.

    Dilletantismus Yesterday, 19:22 Go to last post

    Re: Accusative forms

    Thanks a lot!!! I am having a hard time trying to difference between adjectives declension and article declension. I found that website yesterday and I am already studying from it, it is really good....

    m@o614 Yesterday, 17:27 Go to last post
    Puffer Fish


    Ich bin neu lerne Deutsch. Mein vocabulary ist small. Ich lerne Spanish, und English ist mein Mutterspreche.

    Entschuldigung fuer mein grammar.

    Puffer Fish Yesterday, 07:46 Go to last post

    Re: Accusative forms


    The correct answer would be "das neue Handy." Remember not to confuse the declension of adjectives with that of articles, as they follow different patterns. The indefinite article (ein) for...

    Schuyler 28th June 2015, 23:13 Go to last post
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