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German Calendar 2015


Birthday and Holiday Calendar - Listed alphabetically and by date

NEW! 2015 Calendar (PDF) (30 pages, annotated)
Note: This is not a normal 12-month wall calendar, but a list of notable German-speakers and their birth dates, plus a list of national and regional holidays in Austria, Germany and Switzerland – with dates.

This year we have moved our free download of the Birthday and Holiday Calendar to our German Way site. While it is similar to the 2014 edition – pictured below – the 2015 edition of the calendar has been greatly expanded and improved.


To learn more about the calendar and get your own free copy, just use this link:
The German Way Birthday and Holiday Calendar


Our free 2013 Germany USA Einstein Calendar is still available – with holidays and important dates for the German-speaking countries and North America, plus the birthdays of famous Germans, Austrians and Swiss, past and present! The 2013 calendar also features 12 monthly quotations by Albert Einstein. (See sample below.)

See the free PDF download options below.


2013 Einstein Calendar - Einstein-Kalender
In addition to monthly quotations by Albert Einstein, the 2013 calendar also features the birthdays of more than 160 notable German-speaking personalities. The words of Einstein, who was at various times a citizen of Germany, Switzerland and the USA – when he wasn't a stateless person, are in the original German with English translations.

Ideal for expats, plus students and teachers of German
The calendar combines significant dates in German-speaking Europe with important American and Candian dates – something no other calendar does! Now, instead of two calendars, you only need one.

The week starts on Monday
As with most things related to daily culture, there is more than one way to format a calendar. A European or German calendar does not look like an American calendar. The main reason for this is that a week in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy or Spain begins on Monday, and their calendars reflect that. The advantage of starting on Monday, rather than Sunday, is that it puts the two weekend days together. Saturday and Sunday are not split up, as on a US calendar, but remain paired at the end of the week – better reflecting how we actually think of a weekend.

German and US Holidays
Our unique calendar features a blend of significant dates for the USA and Canada, as well as official and unofficial holidays in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. You'll also find observances that are widely celebrated but are not legal holidays (Halloween, Internationaler Frauentag, Silvester, etc.).

A good resource for learning more about all the holidays in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is this German Way page: German Celebrations and Holidays. Also see our many German-English glossaries for specific holidays.

To learn more about notable German-speaking people of today and yesterday, see this German Way page: Famous Austrians, Germans, Swiss.


Download our free German Way/ calendar in PDF format! You can then print it out in color or black-and-white. You have the option of downloading the entire 12-month calendar or single months. The 2013 calendar also has a separate information PDF with explanations of the holidays and observances, as well as biographical information for Albert Einstein and the other notable German-speakers featured on the calendar.

INSTRUCTIONS: Some browsers download a PDF file within the browser (like a normal web page), while others download a PDF file to your "Downloads" folder. If the file downloads as a normal page, simply use your browser's “Save as” option to save the PDF. If your browser shows a download window, you can just click on the downloaded PDF file to open it and then save it. (You need Adobe or other PDF software on your computer.)

Our 2015 calendar is now available. Previous calendars and their informational supplements will continue to be available.

2015 Birthday and Holiday Calendar

To learn more about the calendar and get your own free copy, just use this link:
The German Way Birthday and Holiday Calendar

Note: This is not a normal 12-month calendar, but a list of notable German-speakers and their birthdays, plus a list of national and regional holidays in Austria, Germany and Switzerland – with dates.

2013 Einstein Calendar

Full 2013 Calendar (PDF) (all 12 months)

CALENDAR INFO - We also encourage you to download our free 14-page calendar supplement (in PDF format). It includes explanations of the holidays, an alphabetical list of all the people with birthdays on the calendar, and a year-by-year Einstein timeline.
2013 Calendar Information (PDF) (holidays, people listed, etc.)

Januar 2013
Februar 2013
März 2013
April 2013
Mai 2013
Juni 2013
Juli 2013
August 2013
September 2013
Oktober 2013
November 2013
Dezember 2013

2012 Calendar

Full 2012 Calendar (PDF) (all 12 months + About, 197 KB)

Januar 2012
Februar 2012
März 2012
April 2012
Mai 2012
Juni 2012
Juli 2012
August 2012
September 2012
Oktober 2012
November 2012
Dezember 2012

About the 2012 Calendar (PDF) (2 pages)
With translations of the customs and holidays on the calendar, biographical information about the authors of the quotations, and other information. These two pages are included in the full calendar download above.

German Advent Calendar (in season)
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Wort des Tages - Advanced word of the day

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