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German Song Lyrics

German and English Lyrics

In our collection of German and English lyrics for German songs, the English translations of the German lyrics make it easy and fun for English-speakers to understand and use German music as a tool to learn German.

NEW Video: German Versions of Hit Songs

Raabe CD  

You’ll find a wide variety of music here, ranging from Rammstein to The Sound of Music! We even offer the German lyrics for songs by the Beatles and Johnny Cash! (Yes, they made recordings in German.)

Most of the German song lyrics collection is still online at my former German Language site (and we link to that), but all of the newer songs and newly added lyrics are right here at, including those by artists such as Annett Louisan, ich + ich, the Wise Guys, and Chefket. You’ll also find the German lyrics from the film version of The Sound of Music (known in German as MEINE LIEDER, MEINE TRÄUME) and some great songs by Max Raabe (album pictured above), and Heintje hits from the 1960s.

German Lyrics + English Translations

NEW Video: German Versions of Hit Songs
   Videos of popular English-language songs performed in German - now with lyrics.

'Sound of Music' Song Lyrics
   “The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Music,” and all the SoM hits auf Deutsch! Plus 'Sound of Music' Trivia.

Wise Guys Song Lyrics
   “Meine Deutschlehrerin,” “Schiller” (a “Thriller” spoof) and other songs from the “frei!” album.

Annett Louisan Song Lyrics
   “Drück die Eins” from the “teilzeithippie” album.

Chefket Song Lyrics
   “Einerseits andererseits” from the album of the same name by the Turkish-German rapper Chefket.

Heintje Song Lyrics
   “Mama,” “Heidschi Bumbeidschi,” and other Hein 'Heintje' Simons songs!

ich + ich Song Lyrics
   “Du erinnerst mich an Liebe” and other ich + ich hit songs!

Max Raabe Song Lyrics
   “Kein Schwein ruft mich an,” “Mein kleiner grüner Kaktus,” and other Max Raabe classics!

Wir sind Helden - Song Lyrics
   “Soundso,” and other hit songs!

German Christmas Carols - Weihnachtslieder
   Lyrics in German and English: “Silent Night,” “Alle Jahre wieder,” “Rudolf” and other German Christmas classics!


German Popular Music
German and English lyrics for popular hits in German, from rap to rock - from the Beatles to Johnny Cash, from Falco to Udo Lindenberg.

German Children's Songs
German and English lyrics for Austrian and German Kinderlieder and the German birthday song "Wie schön, dass du geboren bist."

German Halloween Songs
Songs with a Halloween theme. Lyrics in German and English.

National Anthems
German and English lyrics for the Austrian, German, and Swiss national anthems.
  AUSTRIA: Austrian National Anthem - "Land der Berge"
  GERMANY: German National Anthem - "Das Deutschlandlied"
  SWITZERLAND: Swiss National Anthem - "Nationalhymne"

Die Prinzen
The enjoyable songs of the eastern German group "Die Prinzen" - with clever lyrics.

Rammstein Song Lyrics
German and English lyrics for Rammstein songs. Also see our main Rammstein page for background information about this controversial German heavy-metal band.

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