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Adventskalender 2013

A German Advent Calendar
with Daily Christmas Facts

Christmas Calendar Countdown
Select today’s date or any available date in our special German Advent calendar below to see the Christmas fact for that day. Special days in December are indicated by a red number. Note: Our calendar began on Dec. 1. You can only select today's date or a past date in December.

Adventskalender 2013
Advent Calendar 2013

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Advent calendar photo: The Gendarmenmarkt Christmas market
in Berlin. © H. Flippo

QUIZ > Advent and Christmas Facts
MORE > Christmas Glossary - German-English
MORE > Christmas Carol Lyrics - English and German

MORE > A German Christmas Guide from The German Way
MORE > Photos: Christmas in Berlin - with Weihnachtsmärkte from The German Way


Christmas Glossary
An annotated German-English glossary of Christmas vocabulary.

Advent Facts: Full List
All the daily Advent/Christmas facts to date.

Video: German Christmas Markets
Selected videos of Weihnachtsmärkte in several German cities.

German Advent Calendars Online - Deutsche Adventskalender
Our links to more online Advent calendars – in German!

WEB > Christmas Markets in Berlin (2013)
NEW! Christmas markets and more in Berlin, with photos. In English.

Wort des Tages
Advanced German word of the day - in German and English.

German Word of the Day
Beginners Wort des Tages - in German and English.

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