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Germany’s biggest pop star in the late 1960s was born in the Netherlands. At the same time when the Beatles were still releasing recordings in German, another “foreigner,” the Dutch-born Heintje, was taking the German pop charts by storm. Heintje’s first and biggest hit of all time was “Mama,” released in October 1967.

Heintje’s Career

Born Hendrik Nikolaas Theodoor Simons on August 12, 1955 in the Bleijerheide district of the Dutch town of Kerkrade, the boy who would later be known as Heintje showed an early interest in music and singing. In 1966, aged 11, Heintje won a talent contest in the Netherlands and was discovered by the Dutch manager Addy Kleijngeld. That same year Heintje cut his first records in Amsterdam — in Dutch. A short time later the German version of the song “Mama,” became a big hit in Germany. On the charts for 53 weeks, “Mama,” was originally written in 1941 by the Berlin composer Bruno Balz for the German film Mutter.

For four or five years Heintje enjoyed huge success, primarily in the German-speaking market. He recorded songs in several languages, including English and Afrikaans. One of his biggest hits was “Jou Hart Is Weer Myne” which reached fourth place on the South African charts in 1975. His movie career was limited to a number of forgettable German films. Although many people find the Schnulzen (schmaltzy tear-jerker songs) by Heintje to be overly sentimental and extremely trite, the young singer sold over 40 million records and had one platinum and 40 gold records. He earned numerous awards, including two Golden Lions from Radio Luxembourg and a Bambi, the German “Oscar.”

When his voice changed at 16, Heintje’s career pretty much came to an end. Several comeback attempts were only moderately successful. The fame he had as a young man never returned. Today (as Hein Simons) he is still singing, but mostly in the field of traditional music. He can be seen on German television from time to time. Hein Simons now lives in Neu Moresnet, Belgium, his father’s birthplace.

Below you’ll find the German and English lyrics for some of Heintje’s most popular songs.

Heintje: German Song Lyrics

Heintje 1: “Mama”
Heintje’s first and biggest hit single. Song lyrics in German and English.

Heintje 2: “Heidschi Bumbeidschi”
Germans think it’s a Christmas song, although it really isn’t. Song lyrics in German and English.

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